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1: » Business Travel and the Breastfeeding Woman

By Heather C. Chase MS, RN, IBCLC

Many breastfeeding women returning to work after maternity leave are faced with the additional challenge of business travel. Although this challenge can feel insurmountable at times, many women have been able to do both successfully and have given us some tips to make things easier. The most important element is to plan ahead.

Planning ahead begins while on maternity leave when you can start pumping and storing extra milk to put in the freezer for the times when you are away. If your work involves a great deal of travel, you may want to include pumping once on the weekends to add to this freezer supply.

Typically, while away on business, a woman will pump on her baby's nursing schedule.  So if the baby is feeding every three hours the mother will pump every three hours while away. This behavior will assist a nursing mother in maintaining her milk supply ....

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