OUR MISSION...To assist one company at a time, while assisting one woman at a time, in realizing their individual breastfeeding goals.

Facility Development & Consulting

Facility development is a vital component in a comprehensive lactation program.  Many states now have legislation requiring companies to provide a safe, clean and private area in the work place for women to express their milk.

CLS's can assists clients in the planning, development and design of lactation facilities.  We assist our clients in determining the number of lactation rooms required for specific work-sites and populations.  We help with determining the best size of rooms and weather they should be temporary or permanent facilities.  We assist in choosing room location, amenities and encourage consistency throughout the organization.   We strongly encourage companies consider the needs of their mobile work-force as well as stationary staff.

Specific items are essential in a lactation room and other amenities are nice to have.


  • locked door
  • multiple electrical outlets
  • comfortable chair/s
  • lights
  • table/shelving
  • appropriate cleaners and paper towels
  • waste paper basket
  • cleaning instructions in full view

Nice to have:

  • Breast-pump
  • mirror
  • sink/running water
  • garment hooks
  • lockers
  • breastfeeding literature
  • water cooler
  • microwave
  • refrigerator*

CLS does not always suggest a refrigerator.  It is important to have safe storage for breast-feeding equipment and expressed breast-milk.  In the best case scenario we recommend lockers and breast-pumps that provide a cooling compartment.  This option provides milk storage at the correct temperature and prevents women taking other women's expressed milk.  Also lockers provide a means for women to keep breast-milk safe from other's tampering with it.

In the event that corporations do provide refrigerators we recommend the room is locked and employees are provided with labels and markers to identify thier stored breast-milk.

Client Feedback

"This program is awesome. I know women at other companies and they have nothing comparable to what my Company offers in terms of a lactation program. This benefit allowed me to come back to work with one less worry and provide the very best care for my baby. THANKS!"