OUR MISSION...To assist one company at a time, while assisting one woman at a time, in realizing their individual breastfeeding goals.


1: » This benefit allowed me to come back to work

"This program is awesome. I know women at other companies and they have nothing comparable to what my Company offers in terms of a lactation program. This benefit allowed me to come back to work with one less worry and provide the very best care for my baby. THANKS!"

2: » My employer has these accommodations and it has created good PR in our area

"I am a spouse, so unfortunately I cannot answer all of the questions. The lactation friendly environment and room have been nice. It is really hard to come back to work, especially when you have to worry about where you are going to pump and if it is okay to do so. Hopefully, other companies in the area catch on and strive to be more pro-active. "

3: » When I first heard about it, I dismissed it
4: » It was comforting to have custom dialog with a nurse
5: » These consultants helped me get through the tough first month
6: » The lactation consultant was very helpful
7: » Having this program available shows how committed my company is to their associates
8: » The lactation program was excellent!
9: » Any question I had she was able to answer it
10: » There was only one private room [...] to be shared.

Client Feedback

"Thank you so much for this program. The books that were sent were very helpful and informative. I read one from cover to cover. My lactation consultant, was great. She was always friendly, never judgmental, had many helpful suggestions and always called back whenever I had questions or concerns".