OUR MISSION...To assist one company at a time, while assisting one woman at a time, in realizing their individual breastfeeding goals.


1: » The lactation program was excellent!

"The lactation program was excellent! It definitely helped me to continue nursing my son longer than I would have and the lactation consultants were a great support. I tried to submit the survey earlier and got a page not found so I am trying again".

2: » The support was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable

"What a great program! The support was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable with continuing to breastfeed my new baby once I returned to work. Thank you!"

3: » Any question I had she was able to answer it
4: » Having this program available shows how committed my company is to their associates
5: » There was only one private room [...] to be shared.
6: » The lactation consultant was very helpful
7: » My lactation consultant and she was fantastic
8: » The lactation program allowed me to transition back to work more smoothly
9: » My lactation consultants were wonderful to deal with
10: » When I first heard about it, I dismissed it

Client Feedback

"Thank you so much for this program. The books that were sent were very helpful and informative. I read one from cover to cover. My lactation consultant, was great. She was always friendly, never judgmental, had many helpful suggestions and always called back whenever I had questions or concerns".