OUR MISSION...To assist one company at a time, while assisting one woman at a time, in realizing their individual breastfeeding goals.


1: » The support from my lactation consultant is the reason my son is still receiving breast milk

"This program is available to me through my husband's employer. It was great to benefit from this program even though I am not the employee. The support from my lactation consultant, is the reason my son is still receiving breast milk from me almost 8 months later".

2: » The lactation program was excellent!

"The lactation program was excellent! It definitely helped me to continue nursing my son longer than I would have and the lactation consultants were a great support. I tried to submit the survey earlier and got a page not found so I am trying again".

3: » My lactation consultant and she was fantastic
4: » The lactation consultant was very helpful
5: » There was only one private room [...] to be shared.
6: » The program was of great value to me
7: » Thank you so much for this program
8: » It was comforting to have custom dialog with a nurse
9: » The support was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable
10: » I wish my other friends who had babies could have this support system!

Client Feedback

"This program is awesome. I know women at other companies and they have nothing comparable to what my Company offers in terms of a lactation program. This benefit allowed me to come back to work with one less worry and provide the very best care for my baby. THANKS!"