OUR MISSION...To assist one company at a time, while assisting one woman at a time, in realizing their individual breastfeeding goals.


1: » This benefit allowed me to come back to work

"This program is awesome. I know women at other companies and they have nothing comparable to what my Company offers in terms of a lactation program. This benefit allowed me to come back to work with one less worry and provide the very best care for my baby. THANKS!"

2: » My lactation consultant and she was fantastic

"My  lactation consultant and she was fantastic. She called me proactively before I went into labor to get me started in the program and called each week to see how I was doing. She really helped keep me going and it was nice to get those supportive phone calls each week".

3: » The lactation consultant was very helpful
4: » The lactation program allowed me to transition back to work more smoothly
5: » When I first heard about it, I dismissed it
6: » My employer has these accommodations and it has created good PR in our area
7: » The lactation program was excellent!
8: » The program was of great value to me
9: » I wish my other friends who had babies could have this support system!
10: » There was only one private room [...] to be shared.

Client Feedback

"I will definitely recommend it to my co-workers. The program was of great value to me and helped me to nurse my daughter longer than the goal I initially set for myself. Thanks!"